FLashing TriCore Aurix starter kit for TC297 using Infineon MemTool

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I am using KIT_AURIX_TC297 starter kit. I have connected it to my PC using JRAG interface.

I want to flash .hex file of my code to KIT_AURIX_TC297 starter kit using Infineon MemTool.

I am able to connect my board to the tool but the "Program" button is not activated. Thus, I am not able to flash my code.
I want to program PF0.

Is there any other setting which I am missing? Any hardware related setting for this?

Please reply and guide me.

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Assuming you've opened the .hex file successfully, are you able to select the sections you'd like to program (e.g. pressing Select All), and 'Add Sel >>' to add them to the list of things to program?

Can you Erase... successfully?