Ethernet issue with TC 279x (SMI/MDIO interface)

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Good morning, I am working on a board equipped with a
Tricore processor (Aurix TC297B version).

The board contains also a chipset that provides the
functionalities of Ethernet switch and other components.

I need that the Aurix processor communicates to the Ethernet
chipset using the SMI/MDIO interface, in order to perform
Ethernet configuration.

Unfortunately, in the last weeks I was unable to obtain a
working communication between the processor and the
Ethernet chipset.

In fact, despite I configured the Aurix registers for SMI/MDIO
access, when I try to read one of the 32 registers that are made
available by the SMI interface, the value returned by the
read_SMI() routine is ALWAYS 0xFFFF.

The result is the same trying to address the Ethernet chipset
using each of the 32 PHY slave IDs available on the SMI bus

(in my tests, I assumed that Aurix automatically configures
itself as the master device in the SMI/MDIO bus).

I performed the following steps:

- The pin P12.0 was set in order to use the ETHRXCLKC
signal. Following the Aurix TC297B manual (tc29xB_um_v1.3),
this can be obtained using the settings:

ETH_GPCTL.ALTI1 = 10b (i.e. 02h)
P12_IOCR0.PC0 = 0XXXXb (I used 0Fh
i.e. 01111b)

(page 1214/13-128 of the Aurix TC297B manual)

- The pin P12.1 was set in order to use the ETHMDIOC signal.
Following the Aurix TC297B manual, this can be obtained
using the following settings:

ETH_GPCTL.ALTI0 = 10b (i.e. 02h)
P12_IOCR0.PC1 = 0XXXb (I used 07h
i.e. 0111b)

(page 5313/34-463 of the Aurix TC297B manual)

I have not used the macros provided by Infineon for
modifying the registers.

I prefer to directly write the routines needed to change
the target bit fields.

In order to modify the P12_IOCR0 register, I proceeded
in the following way.

I read that the register address space dedicated to the
P12 port starts at the address F003B200h
(page 1094/13-8 of the manual).

I added the offset 0010h for addressing IOCR0 control
register (page 1095/13-9 of the manual), thus obtaining
the address F003B210h.

Next, I performed the changes on the bit fields dedicated
to PC0 and PC1 at the address F003B210h.

Is this procedure correct ? Perhaps some steps in Ethernet
SMI interface configuration are missing ?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Hi, Were you able to get any progress on this?

Any ideas on how to solve this? Is it working for you?
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you must set the P12.0 to ETHMDC. P12.0 is the clock and P12.1 is the data line for MAC I/O. I expect that you will use this pins with this functionality.
Please see also table 34-53. You must set P12_IOCR0.PC0 = 10110B then you get an output clock and you can access your PHY.