Documents for schematics and PCB design guide

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Hi all,

I am looking for documents providing schematics and PCB design guide. Can you help, please?

Thank you and best regards

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Hi Christine,

On the Web you can find:

AP32469 TC2xx hardware design guide

Do you have an account on myInfineon?

If not:
1. Please register under (only company addressallowed, no private mail e.g. google, yahoo, …)
2. Send login name to: (then you will be granted access to the myICP (Infineon Collaboration Platform))

Here a list of documents which can help designing schematics and PCBs in myICP (Infineon Collaboration Platform):
1. AP32202 Pin configuration, power supply and reset
2. AP32261 AURIX: PCB design guidelines for TC23x, TC22x TC21x
3. AP32174 - AURIX: PCB and High Speed Serial Interface design guideline for TC26x, TC27x, TC29x
4. AP32236 - AURIX: TC2xx SMPS regulator
5. AP32271 - AURIX: TC2xx SC DC/DC regulator
6. AP32297 - AURIX: A/D Converter Supply and PCB Design Guideline

Best regards