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I am trying to disable interrupt by using the tasking compiler attribute(__disable() and __enable()). But this does not seem to disable the interrupt. Is there a way through which I can disable interrupt by setting some registers?
I already looked into the target specification of TC3xx , and found that the register address for ICR is 1FE2C. But I did not find the full register layout of this register. I read in some paragraph that , to disable all the interrupts globally,
I should set the ICR.IE bit to '0'. But I did not find the register layout in the specification. Can someone please help me with this?

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The ICR register is documented in the TriCore Architecture Manual.

Enable and disable interrupts is very straightforward though. Are you sure you're not getting a trap instead of an interrupt? Traps can't be disabled.
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Thank you, it was informative.

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