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Please can you tell if there is a debugger IDE to go with the Miniwiggler 3 “KIT_MINIWIGGLER_3_USB”


I read the info on the webpage (link above) but so far can not understand which debugger is supported.
I want to use this miniwigglers with TC224 and TC234 for basic debugging
1. Flash programming from .elf file
2. Reading debug info from elf file.
3. Reading and writing memory locations via ‘watch window’ based on variable / symbols names, while SW is running
4. Setting break points
5. Reading/writing CPU registers and SFR register values.
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AURIX Development Studio can do all the above, but is limited to non-commercial use.

For commercial projects:
- Tasking's compiler has a debugger option
- Hightec has a Free Entry Toolchain here: https://free-entry-toolchain.hightec-rt.com/
- iSYSTEM has a miniWiggler version that works with TriBoards here: https://www.isystem.com/products/hardware/3rd-party-hardware-support/infineon-on-board-mini-wiggler-...
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Dear Dan, you can use my command line AURIX debugger: https://github.com/aurixinino/aurixocd/wiki. Actually, I'm trying to complete a simple command line tool, called AURIX Debugger, that support exactly your 5 requirements.

Thank you, I will check out your command line debugger. Sorry it took me a while to come back and check this board. 

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There is some other debug option for the miniwiggler USB ? 

Someone use it with the tasking compiler? Do you have some issue ?  


TASKING supports the miniWiggler directly.

iSYSTEM and PLS have a version that supports debugging with the miniWiggler and an Infineon TriBoard or Application Kit, but will not work with other boards.  Otherwise, each debugger (iSYSTEM / Lauterbach / PLS) is eager to sell you a standalone box instead of the miniWiggler.