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Hello Support,

Can you please explain the meaning of this sentence as shown below from OCDS manual from end-user perspective?

"The IOClient
however has the higher priority."

What does IOClient means from User Perspective?
Does the above sentence effectively means External Debugger can over-ride the HARR bit to any desired state even though the Target Software is writing continuously clearing HARR bit to zero?
I am assuming IOClient means external Debugger access to Target.
Please confirm.

Best regards
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Yes, that's what it means. But trying to shut HARR off in application software wouldn't work in the first place, because most debuggers assert PORST and then issue HARR before the first line of application code even gets a chance to execute.

What is it you're trying to accomplish? If you're worried about debugger access in production devices, you can configure the UCBs to either require a 256-bit password with DBGIFLCK, or disable debug completely with OCDSDIS.