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Can I configure,

#define PWM0 IfxGtm_ATOM1_1N_TOUT72_P15_1_OUT // LED0
#define CCX0 IfxGtm_ATOM1_3_TOUT71_P15_0_OUT
#define COUTX0 IfxGtm_ATOM1_1N_TOUT72_P15_1_OUT // LED0
#define PWM0_OUTPUT NULL_PTR // Use DTM for output signal

#define PWM1 IfxGtm_ATOM1_2N_TOUT73_P15_2_OUT // LED1
#define CCX1 IfxGtm_ATOM1_6_TOUT74_P15_3_OUT
#define COUTX1 IfxGtm_ATOM1_2N_TOUT73_P15_2_OUT T // LED1
#define PWM1_OUTPUT NULL_PTR // Use DTM for output signal

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