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Hello team,

Currently i am facing new issue, while configuring DMA with daisy chain for 4 channels.
please find the configuration details

Getting interrupt from EVADC G2CH4 result event and configured DMA Channel 96 for it.
And requirement is to measure 4 EVADC channel details by use of daisy chain method, for that i have configured immediate 3 low priority channels to record the other EVADC channel results.
Following DMA channels are configured as daisy chain to fill 64 x 4 (word) circular buffer
DMA Ch 96 - daisy chain
DMA ch 95 - daisy
DMA ch 94 -daisy
DMA ch 93 - HW trigger

for this above configuration, i only get first two rows of data in circular buffer.
do we need RROAT or TREL to keep TSR.CH bit pending to execute remaining rows of circular buffer ?

And during start of data transfer , i can see the address like



after 6rows of update or it exceeds 0x300 address, then immediately it goes to 0x200 address

here i need 32 rows to update.



My configuration is given below for  DMA CH96





Could anyone support me to find the solution for this ?




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