Class 4 BusError Trap - Sync for read Async for write, only one Async trap raised ?

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I was trying out forcing TRAPs on TC364, by reading and writing from an invalid address 0x30000000

I found that the write caused a BusError Class 4 TRAP with TIN 3, this is a Data Access Asynchronous error
When running on TC364 Eval board with DAS debugger attached I only got this TRAP raised the first time the memory write was done after a reset. The TRAP was not raised again until I had reset from the debugger. 

A read from the same address raised a BusError Class 4 TRAP with TIN 2, Data Access Synchronous error. 

Does anyone know why the Async error (Class 4 TIN 3) seems to only get raised one time after reset ?

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Hi User21958,

There is a training PPT for Tracp Recognition. Could you please try below experiment under ADS platform?