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I need clarification for QSPI pin configuration since in the data sheet looks like Port pins for QSPI can be MRST or MTSR. For example, P10.3 shows that it can be set to QSPI1 input and output but in both case it shows MTSR, which seems to be contradicting.

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Hi Tita,

QSPI can function as Master or Slave, depending on the mode selected, the pin configuration is as follows:
When Master mode selected:
MRSTxA to MRSTxH can be the input for the QSPIx
MTSRx is the output of the QSPIx
When Slave mode selected:
MTSRxA to MTSRxH can be the input for the QSPIx
MRSTx is the output of the QSPIx

Best regards,
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