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I'm working on the TC277TU device and I would like to change SRI SCI arbitration priorities on my board but I have some troubles with XBAR's registers.
For instance, if I access SRI registers for Arbiter 4 (LMU) i get unexpected values. The PRIOH register of arbiter 4 (address 0xF870 0148) should be, according to the TC27x User Manual, set to 0x00555555. However it is actually set to 0x000CBA98. Do you have any clue why I am getting this strange behaviour?

Furthermore, if I try to set that very register to 0x00555555 and I subsequently read it I get 0x00055555: it seems that changing the bits corresponding to master 13 is not allowed.
I am a bit confused and I would appreciate any help.

Best Regards
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I tried to contact the UDE debugger support too and they tested a similar board, the TC277 C-Step.

They were not able to reproduce the issue.

I would like to know if it is possible to full reset the TC277TU board (software and hardware), after that I'll expect to read the default registers's values.