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I have an Application Kit TC2X7. I have installed the hitec IDE and tried to flash an existing example program to the board. The build of the program is finished. But its unable to connect to the target and flash the program.

Please note that the drivers are installed automatically for the board and shows up in the device manager. But the Hitec IDE shows the following error

Message from component 'Tc2CoreTargIntf' :
Can't connect target !

Message from component 'Tc2CoreTargIntf' :
Can't connect JTAG target

Does anyone have any pointers?

Thanks in advance
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How did you make the connection to the target board? via micro-USB cable?
Did you select the correct target for connection? (ie, Application Kit TC297B?

If you go to Windows -> DAS -> DAS Device Scanner, and click "Start DAS Server", Click "Installed Servers" & click "Start" UDAS, u should be able to see "Tricore Family" in 1st window.
This indicate drivers are installed correctly.

If not, can u refer to "Free TriCore Entry Tool Chain GettingStarted" (Chapter -> Connecting the Target) user manual which is installed together with the Free Tool Chain in directory C:\HighTec\free_tricore_entry_tool_chain(Version\ude\Copy\Manuals

Please also check the Application kit user manual for Power via supply connector or Power via Micro USB.
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Hi I'm having the same issue. I can see 'UDAS' in DAS Server Control Panel but cannot see 'tricore family' or anything of that nature in the DAS Device Scanner.
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