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I am getting error while accessing some uninitialized code memories from range of 0x8000 0000 to 0x801f 0000.
This memory is divided as 64k block each I am accessing each block of 64k at a time. If one block of 64k is considered, from 0x8000 0000 to 0x8000 FFFF, some memory location in this block is blank in our code,
so if I try to access this memory location I get TRAP(Memory access exception). Likewise I get same observations for other 64K blocks till 0x801f 0000.
Accessing uninitialized memory will generate TRAP that is correct, But all code memory must have some data for my mechanism to work.

Controller also does not have any data present at these memory locations, if checked in WinIdea for the data at these address "??" is seen that is no data present.
How can I initialize all code memory? Should I handle it while compiling? Or is there any option to initialize code memory through any tool? And what is default value with which it should be initialized with?

I am using Aurix evaluation Kit for TC299TF and also actual controller assembled on our own board for testing.
I am downloading hex and elf(For code and symbol resp.)/ only elf(Both code and symbol).
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If you use Tasking Linker, then in the Linker Script, you can use fill option