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Dear sir
I use Infineon TC1782 and my complier is TASKING.
In my Application. I need to Calculate the time the code runs. so i find the introduction in the help contents.it say Select C/C++ Compiler>Debugging and Enable Static profiling.

In the help document:
Menu entey
1.Select C/C++Compiler> Debugging
2.Enable or disable Static profiling
3.Enable or disbale one or more of the following Gen......
for ......
for function times
4.optionally,when you selected function timers,

i have try my best,but i can't achieve the result.

So I will ask below question
1:Can it Calculate the time the code runs?
2:how do i do?for know the time the code runs.
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Hi sangyangyang,

for just measuring one function I would recommend to use the System timer

dt = STM0_TIM0.U;
dt = STM0_TIM0.U - dt;

Cheers, Martin