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cross mob
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we have working standard CAN for 500 Kbps, now we are developing CAN FD on top it for Micro Controller (SAL TC264 D).

These are the changes made in CAN FD:

1. FDEN bit was set in control register,
2. Set Nominal baudarate for 1 Mbps and fast baudrate for 2 Mbps was configured,
3. In Message object function control register, Message Mode Control selected to : 5 "CANFD 64 bytes message mode",
4. BRS ans FDF was enabled,

After making these, the CAN-FD was not working and getting Passive Error and i have doubt on Bottom and Top Pointer in Message Object FIFO/Gateway pointer, which message object(It has 255 message objects) should use to send complete 64 bytes of data .

Please let me know, any changes need to be done,
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