CAN Bootstrap Loading Problem.. Help me

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i have very difficult problem about CAN bottstrap loading.

My Target is TC233LP and i use Infineon boot program which i download in Myinfineon.

Boot interface is Uconnect(XC 2287).

Send CAN Init Frame and Get Ack is suceesful and Send CAN Loader,Call CAN Loader and Get Response code are also successful.

However, on Flash Routine, Erase flash sectors always fail.

i send Erase Flash Command correctly and even i got response well. but boot program alwasy pop up the error. what should i do?
i also upload attachment. plz help me
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Did you ever receive a reply?
Did you find the answer?
Do you still have the boot programs, CAN loader source?
I am looking for the CAN Loader source, can you help me?