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Hello Support,
After the user configures the Bus MPU related registers according to the user program requirements, there is no Bus MPU SMU Alarm from any cores [ALM0[1], ALM1[1], ALM2[1], ALM3[1] are all zero] for TC38x device during normal run-time.
But after SWRSTCON.BIT1=1 for Software Reset is being executed from user software, we are finding ALM0[1]=1.
Does the SSW execution happens in the context of user level Bus MPU settings or the registers are reset to default before SSW execution begins during SWRSTCON based Software Reset?
May be this is the reason for ALM0[1]=1 because user program Bus MPU range/ACCEN settings are different from SSW execution requirements.
My assumption is that SSW executes without resetting the Bus MPU registers when SWRSTCON.Bit1 is activated.
Can you please confirm the correct behavior and if possible provide me the correct section reference of the user manual for this exact behavior?

Best Regards
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