Bootloader development for TC 223L board

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Dear Infineon Community, As an enthusiastic intern eager to expand my skillset, I'm reaching out for guidance and collaboration on developing a custom bootloader for the Infineon TriCore TC 22x family. Our project requires a bootloader equipped with features like: Flash operations: Read, write, and erase data from flash memory. Command interface: Communicate with an external host system via a serial interface (e.g., UART) for commands and data transfer. Application launch: Seamlessly launch the main application code stored in Flash. [Additional functionalities specific to your project] While I'm familiar with embedded systems development and bootloader concepts, I'm new to the TriCore architecture and its intricacies. I'm actively seeking your expertise and collaborative support in several areas: Toolchain and Libraries: Are there recommended tools, libraries, or code examples specifically designed for TC 22x bootloader development? Hardware Integration: What are the crucial considerations for hardware interactions, including memory access, peripheral configuration, and low-level programming on the TC 22x? Functionality Implementation: Can you guide on implementing specific features like flash programming, communication protocols, and application launching within the bootloader? Debugging and Testing: What are the best practices for debugging and testing a custom bootloader on the TC 22x platform? I'm a quick learner and highly motivated to contribute to the community. Any suggestions, resources, or opportunities to collaborate on this project will be immensely valuable. Thank you for your time and consideration. I eagerly await your response! Sincerely, Vinay
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