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during development I sometimes have to change Aurix Tc22x registers, The problem happens when those registers influence other modules( f.e clock registers). Its coming out after and it takes long time
to find it and fix it. There are so many dependencies between registers in Aurix, that remembering all of them is impossible.
How can I manage such situations? Are there tools to manage registers safely?

Previously I was working on STM32 and ST provides code generator for peripherals:
MXCube (
in this generator I can configure, pins, peripherals, clocks and it will warn me if I set something wrong (f.e too low frequency for module, or conflicting pins).

Is something similar available for Aurix ?
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Hi Lukas,

The closest equivalent for AURIX would be the TASKING Pin Mapper, which can keep track of pin configuration conflicts and generate basic GPIO and multiplex initialization code. It is designed to integrate with the iLLD.

Normally an AUTOSAR MCAL configuration tool (for instance EB tresos, which is included with the TC2xx MCAL packages) will detect logical configuration conflicts (e.g. clocks), but this is less useful if you do not plan to use AUTOSAR in your project.