Aurix TC3xx Erase logical sector range

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Hi AURIX Community,

We are newbie and try to investigate some feature on Aurix TC3xx.
While doing investigation on Flash Operation, we have a question on "Erase logical sector Range"

The command takes 4 cycles to complete "Erase" and function shall erases "nn" logical sectors staring at the sector addressed by "SA".
- ST AA50H, SA
- ST AA58H, xx"nn"H
- ST AAA8H, xx80H
- ST AAA8H, xx50H
There are a list of errors could happened,
- For PFLASH, if the range of logical sectors exceeds 512KByte.
- For DFLASH, if the range of logical sectors exceeds 256KByte addressable memory (256KByte physical memory in Single Ended mode, and 512KByte physical memory in Complement Sensing mode)

So, my question :
1/ How to know PFlash or DFlash shall be "erase" ? Is it defined by starting sector "SA" ?
2/ The size shall be "nn" sector multiple by logical sector, so, what is the size of "logical sector" ? Is it configurable ?

Sorry for my language skills and have a nice day!
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1) SA is start address, that is the absolute start address of the flash sector. This then tells the NVM which flash is being erased.
2) The size of a logical sector is fixed, but differs for PFlash and DFlash. A PFlash sector is 16 kB, a DFlash sector is 4 kB (See Non Volatile Memory (NVM) Subsystem->Functional Description->Flash Structure). You can configure how many sectors are erased by changing the value of nn.