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Hello there,

We had designed our custom board based on AURIX MCU - TC397XX256F300SBDKXUMA1. We are programming the Aurix custom board using Mini wiggler debugger through DAP. 

We are using Aurix flasher tool to flash the firmware. In this process we are facing the following issue.

Error Msg: Aurix Flasher - DAS: Error: Device reset could not be performed. Flashing Failed.

The contents of the flash memory getting updated, We had referred to the following thread which addresses the same kind of issue.

As per the thread the reset should be de-activated within 200uS, we observed the same, in our board the reset is deactivated within 50uS this is observed in both flashing and flashing failed condition.

We are also trying to program Aurix custom board in this way.

1. Launch the TASKING C/C++ Debugger from which we could be able to download the program onto target and could be able to observe the execution.
2. After that if we use Aurix Flasher tool to flash the firmware, the flash is successful. And the execution is absolutely fine.
3. From next onwards the flash is always successful with Aurix flasher tool. We haven't observed the "device reset" issue.

We just wanted to know that whether we can use Aurix Flasher tool to program the fresh board for every first time? Or do we need to configure UCB data and then program with Aurix Flasher tool?

After downloading the program onto the target using Tasking C/C++ Debugger, Aurix Flasher tool successfully finished the flash. What is the reason behind it?

I would like to know the standard process/procedure to program the fresh Aurix board?

Help is most appreciated.

Thanks, Sakthivel.

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Hi @Sakthivel,

Does your firmware contain BMHD configurations (configuring UCB_BMHD) or any other UCB configurations?
If yes, then please enable the program operation for the UCB memory. You can find the details here.