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Dear Members

I am working on TC375x series with a SOTA bootloader . I need a some information regarding the Bootloader and Application Program areas. For now I am not using OTA updates.

in PF0 the following restriction is applied from Aurix TC375x.
• PF0 S0: specific TP purpose.
• PF0 S1 to S7: TP extended memory
• PF0 S8 to S39: HSM PCODE
• PF0 S40 onwards : normal code

These sectors are reserved for Tuning protection and HSM. I am not using TP and HSM as of now and intend to keep them reserved for future usage.

Now sparing the above reserved sectors, How shall I position
1.) Bootloader Start Address (code flash area) : maybe this can use S40 address 0x800A0000 and then about 140 KB size --> ?
2.) BMHD1 and BMHD2 --> usually in case of TC27x we keep it at start 0x80000000,0x80000200 but in TC37x S1 is reserved for TP . Shall it be any address in Sector S40 where bootloader is flashed? --> ?
3.) Application Reset vector Address ???? can i keep it in ~S47 --> ?
Is there any boundation that application reset address shall be at 0x80000000 ?
4.) Application jump table. --> ?
5.) Application Checksum data --> ?
6.) Application Flash address --> ?

I Know that EEP UCB_BMHDx_ORIG shall contain the address of all BMHDx in field UCB_BMHDx_ORIG.STAD . But where shall I place BMHDx.. I dont know ?

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I wouldn't worry about Tuning Protection. That documentation is hard to get.

Otherwise, you're on the right track. If you decide to add HSM software later, reserving perhaps the first 256K is a good idea.

Bootloaders vary in size, so just make sure you reserve "enough". It's a lot easier to decide with the TC3xx's consistent 16K sector size (TC2xx sectors varied up to 256K later in memory).

The BIV tables are 8K (align to an 8K boundary), and the BTV tables are 256 bytes (align to a 256 byte boundary).

Otherwise, well, there aren't any restrictions. Of course, if you make the bootloader too small, and want to add new functions to the bootloader later, you'll be in trouble. But if you make the bootloader too big, perhaps you'll run out of application room. Decisions, decisions 🙂