Aurix TC33 - Taskings interrupt vector area

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First question asked Welcome!
We are using Taskings compiler for a project with Aurix TC33
I don’t know how to manage interrupt vector placement in the file: Lcf_Tasking_Tricore_Tc33.lsl
The vectors are places on expected addresses but there seems to be code in between:
a. Vectors that are back-to-back of each other
b. On addresses with unused vectors
I would have expected an area with only “vector”-code

1. What would happen if a previous boot-application have left an interrupt active and the trailing customer-application does not have that vector defined?
2. How do I keep other application code out of my vector-area?

// Lcf_Tasking_Tricore_Tc33.lsl

#define LCF_INTVEC0_START 0x80001000


/*Fixed memory Allocations for Interrupt Vector Table*/
group (ordered)
group int_tab_tc0 (ordered)
#include "inttab0.lsl"
"_lc_u_int_tab" = (LCF_INTVEC0_START);
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