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hello Everyone,
I am trying to develop interrupt service routine for my application using Tricore TC277. I am unable to find Vector table from any of the Baseframework project files or in ICP. From the iLLD User documentation there is an include directiory mentioned called #include "Ifx_IntPrioDef.h" but could not find it anywhere.
Kindly help me regarding, Where can i obtain vector table for Tricore TC277or should we create one for ourselves?

Thank you everyone in advance,

Kind Regards,
Deepak R
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Hi Deepak. From an architecture standpoint: the AURIX BIV register defines the start of the Interrupt Vector table for each CPU.

Since you've already got the iLLD, check here in the help file (e.g., iLLD_UM_TC29B.chm):
iLLD > CPU > Interrupt Functions

There are examples for walking you through the process of defining an interrupt and its handler function.