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Hi all,

I have a generic question:

There are different documents provided online or in myICP Customer Documentation for AURIX TC2xx to learn and understand the AURIX devices. Could you please describe which document explains which information?

Thank you and best regards

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Hi Lucas,

Please refer to following:

1. User Manual/Target Spec: This document is the primary reference for programmers. It provides implementation detailed information regarding the modules available in a device. This is again divided into two documents.

a) Family Spec: Contains the common information which is applicable to all the variants of AURIX TC2xx.
b) Device Specific Appendix: which is provided for every variant of TC2xx. It contains the information specific to particular device.
Note: Due to Infineon policies HSM related documents are only shared with the clients working on HSM. If needed please contact Infineon

2. Architecture Manual: describes the Core Architecture and Instruction Set. This document is divided in two parts

a) Volume 1 provides a detailed description of the Core Architecture and system interaction.
b) Volume 2 gives a complete description of the TriCore Instruction Set including optional extensions for the Memory Management Unit (MMU) and Floating Point Unit (FPU).

3. Data Sheet: This document is the primary reference for hardware designers. It provides details for a specific AURIX TC2xx device, a summary of it's features, package and pinning information, electrical parameter (e.g. AC, DC, signal timing), flash target parameters, package outline and reliability data.

4. Data Sheet Addendum: This document is an addendum to the Data Sheets listing all intended product variants and key parameters such as memory size, and optional features.

5. Application Note: This document shows how to solve or implement a particular use case or provides additional application related information or guidelines. Some Application Notes can as well come with a software example in an additional .ZIP file.

6. Errata sheet: This document describes the deviations between a specific device/step and the current user documentation (User's Manual and Data Sheet). Functional deviations are covered as well as deviations from electrical and timing specification. This document also provides workaround to fix the problems and helps to save development time.

Best regards