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Hello Support,

For Aurix 2G, there is ALM2[1] -- Safety Mechanism: Bus-level Memory Protection Unit / Register Access Protection

Also in User Manual the following Section : CPU Memory Protection Registers

For Section " CPU Memory Protection Registers", execution violation due to range mismatch causes "Class 1 — Internal Protection Traps" if MPU is enabled

The questions are :

1> If ALM2[1] is activated, then will the Section "" MPU violation will cause SMU Alarm instead of usual CPU Class 1 Trap?

2> Is
"ALM2[1] -- Safety Mechanism: Bus-level Memory Protection Unit / Register Access Protection" feature
available even when CPU MPU is not enabled by setting bit CPU_SYSCON.PROTEN=0 -- Bit 1 of CPU CSFR SYSCON Register?


Best Regards
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#1: The SMU reaction to ALM2[1] is in addition to the CPU trap. If you configure the alarm reaction for ALM2[1] to NMI, you'll see the CPU trap followed immediately by the SMU alarm in the CSA chain.

#2: The Bus-level Memory Protection is a separate safety mechanism, unaffected by the CPU MPU PROTEN setting.