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Hello Team Infineon,

I am here to ask for your recommendation on the best  dev kit / Evaluation Board that comes with
touchscreen kit or Infineon MCU that can control 3.98 inch LCD touchscreen and more features,
in order to develop touch screen device, size of a mobile smartphone.

I have seen some of the kits from Infineon and Cypress for touchscreen solution, but they are bit outdated so i am looking for improved, latest, and easy-to-develop (DIY) kits with LCD and better core than arm M0+.

The details of what I found so far follows:

I watched videos using Aurix dev kit (KIT_A2G_TC397_3V3_TFT - Infineon Technologies ) from 4 years ago like the following : AURIX™ Application Kit - Software components - YouTube

if there is improved and latest version of above dev kit that has core better than core arm M0+, 32-bit with the touchscreen, that would be good. 

I have seen some of the PSoC4 pioneer kit projects with the touchscreen solution. However, they are bit outdated too:

PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit Community Project#072 – TFT Touchscreen Shield - Forum - Cypress Kits - element14...

PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit Community Project#073 – TFT Touchscreen Tic-Tac-Toe Game - Forum - Cypress Kits -...


The following design is what my customer wants to complete, but it can be bigger 



kit / MCU detailed Specifications requirements:

-supports LCD : 3.98 inch, 320X480, RGB, 40pin 
(client considers ILI9488, a-Si TFT LCD single chip driver : )

-supports 2D graphics acceleration

-supports single touch feature (capacitive)

-supports PWM controllers for buzzer feature for audio

-better than Arm Cortex-M0+
-32-bit MCU
-6x USART, timers
-comm. I/Fs
-RAM size : 144kB or better
-Flash size : 256kB or 512kB
-compatible to use NAND flash of size 4~8MB
(in order for the device to support user interface in
three different languages(Korean, Chinese, English))

-preferably has easy development environment to develop the LCD touchscreen device.

The client was considering the following ST-micro MCU before,
because of its simple guidance to the sample project guide. 

If you can recommend MCU or/and evaluation board that can support above feature with sample design guidance for LCD touch device projects like the ones that I found above, that would be greatly appreciated.

If you cannot share the specific part here in public, please share the product family at least.
Please don't tag or send me to the local regional office, because my region doesn't allocated resources for disti-tech-support.
If regional office's the only option, please specify the product family and specify which contact i should contact for the regional office that I would suitable for, so that I can speak with them with the better starting point. 

As always, thank you for your considerations to help and bring our business forward.


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Hi Ben,

One clarification, before we frame a complete response, are you looking for a Capacitive Touch or resistive touch solution ? 



Hello Winston.

It's for capacitive touch solution. Thank you for checking the details while helping. 



25 likes received 50 solutions authored 100 replies posted

Hi Ben,


Let's proceed in the thread which was already created by you on identical request. This seems to be duplicate of that. 





Hello Winston, 

I haven't heard from anyone yet, and I am just checking in again. 
May I ask the recommendation on capacitive touchscreen  display dev kit? 

Thank you all for listening closely and to find the right help to support.



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Hi Hoop4G,

we used to work with one of those TFT application kits. It is quite handy. Unfortunately there were some pixel errors,
which came from the FPGA implementation.

Regarding displays the question is always whether it should have a fast response time or not, and where the logic should be finally located at. If you put the logic into an FPGA and everything else into an AURIX for example, your application will response very fast. If you do it partially, the effort on the FPGA side could be reduced. But on the other side, if you make a neat FPGA implementation you will have enough processing time for everything else in your application. As always, a good mixture is the solution.

In terms of available kits and frameworks we will wait for WinstonF_61 response.

I am sure there is something.  



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