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I am currently working on the Application Kit TC297_TFT, and I am having many difficulties in performing even the most basic tasks. I worked on simpler ARM devices (LPC1768 and LPC 1769),
so the complexity of this device is overwhelming me in these first stages.

I installed the Hightec IDE, the Eclipse IDE that comes alongside with the Software Frameworks files, and I was able to follow steps to take the simple Blinky project to the Hightec IDE, and add some functions
to control a LED with an external pushbutton by using the "Port" files of the iLLDs. However, I am not able to understand how to configure interrupts on I/O pins, or how to configure the several availabe timers
with a specific frequency to trigger interrupts when specific terminal counts are matched.

I tried to follow the iLLD demos for the STM and the GTM, and I do not understand how to configure them as mentioned above. I am only able to recognize that the comparison and matching is performed
on the ticks of the clocks, and I am not able to translate specific timing requirements into an amount of ticks or how to set up the working frequency for the interrupts

So I would like some guidance with these simple tasks, and some coding examples examples if they are available.

Thank you for your time
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It is hard to judge the difficulty you are experiencing as everyone has a different background without knowing your issues? With TC297 this is the highest end device for the family however most people don't use most of the features but it can be overwhelming to someone not familiar with AURIX.

I regards to getting started, the software framework will bring you to the main function for each of the three cores. You can can just use Core 0 to get familiar with the device.

There is another post that explains the STM. It simply does a bit mask and comparison for an event. If you have looked at this and still have a problem post back and perhaps someone could provide more guidance.