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We are trying to use an old version of the DAP mini wiggler with the 16 pin port cable. I noticed that the Memtool seems to have changed from years ago when we first used it. I downloaded the new
Version of the Memtool (4.7) that includes the DAS (because I can't find the old version). After installing I appear to be able to read the Tricore ID code and addresses with the DAS utility but the Memtool can't connect to
target. Is this because I'm using an old DAP mini wiggler? Is the new software compatible with version 2? I am using the 1797 with a custom design, not an
evaluation board. But all the settings for the Mini Wiggler seem to say Triboard with Tricore.

Why would I be able to use the DAS but not the Memtool?

Is there a way to get a boot into the 1797 using the DAS?
As I remember the old version of Memtool did not have the DAS. Is the old version (4.05.08) still available somewhere?

Yes the old wiggler is still compatible
I was using the wrong server to make connection. I was using BSL and I should have been using DAS.
Its working well now

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SOLVED see main thread for explanation
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