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I would like to use the CIF module of TC377TX, but this seems a bit difficult, is there a sample program?

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Q: Can connect a camera module to the AURIX TC37xEXT with 160x48 pixels @200 frames/sec at 16bit.

A: The CIF supports up to 96MPixel/s so from a data rate perspective the CIF is able to easily handle such data rates.


Q: Is the CIF interface even capable of 16bit colour resolution? In the data sheet we only have <YCbCr 4:2:2 processing> and that, if I understand correctly, specifies the colour resolution?

A: With ISP_CTRL.ISP_MODE it should be possible to choose RAW picture mode, ideally RAW Bayer RGB data.

Then with ISP_ACQ_PROP.INPUT_SELECTION, it is possible to choose 16-bit external interface.


Q: Is such an CIF interface just feasible by TC37EXT or do we know another solution for required synchronous parallel data transmission?

A:. The CIF is the only parallel interface for connecting cameras. The TC37xEXT is the only productive device offering CIF.

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