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I am implementing CAN and CAN-FD on the AURIX tc297B.
CAN is stable running with FIFO and without FIFO.
But I am not able to setup a CAN-FD-FIFO ?

Is there any way to setup a FIFO-List for Tx and RX for CAN-FD – because in the documentation is nothing special mentioned for that case.

I tried following setup:

MO[0] BaseTX
MO[1] CAN-FD-64bit
MO[2] Standard MO – TOP for MO[1]
MO[3] Standard MO – BOT for MO[1]
MO[4] CAN-FD-64bit
MO[5] Standard MO – TOP for MO[2]
MO[6] Standard MO – BOT for MO[2]

I also changed MO[1] and MO[4] to SlaveTx but without any success. Problem: How to instruct the controller to store the additional bytes 8-63 for the CAN-FD-Telegram in the registers of MO[2 & 3]?

Is it just possible to send one CAN-FD and receive one CAN-FD? I want avoid a software FIFO for CAN-FD.
Any other solutions which I don’t see at the moment.

Thanks for some feedback
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CAN FD FIFO for this controller is not possible
Hello luwe,

CAN-FD does support the FIFO mode, BUT with restrictions.

As long as only one Message Object is used, i.e. only <=8Bytes (like classical CAN), the FIFO mode is available.
As soon as more data bytes >8Bytes are needed, i.e. >1 Message Objects is required, the FIFO mode does not work.

A typical: Yes, BUT... - Answer
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TC23xL CAN transceiver packets have Demo it?Suggest a simple demonstration