AURIX TC397x RAM utilization for LWIP

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Hi team,

We had integrated AURIX TC397x in our Autonomous vehicle. We want to send large amount of data from Linux platform(Jetson device) to AURIX over ethernet. For that we are using TCP protocol which is already implemented in AURIX using LWIP TCP/IP. We could able to send data @150Mbps but we could not able to send data @1Gbps data. We had increased the TCP_WND size, Heap memory size and POOL size up to an extent(suspecting it may help), but we could not able to send data @1Gbps.

We want to increase the heap size and Pool size in order to maintain high TCP_WND size and large amount data transfer to happen. When we try to increase the heap and pool sizes we are getting memory insufficient kind of compile time errors.

We need some guidelines from Infineon to allocate sufficient RAM for LWIP and to transfer bulk data. Any document regarding memory allocation in Aurix project would help.

Help is most appreciated.


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Hi @Samad 

To be able to change the heap size using the ADS you can refer to the tasking guide, Eclipse and LSL page 265, section 7.9.2

Regarding to how much memory will you need it depends how various factors, as the number of threads, tasks, and so on. so you will have to increase or reduce the amount according to you needs.


Regards! :1