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I’m working with the system power modes of the TC234 AURIX microcontroller.
I’m trying to get the system into Standby mode, following the steps specified at the user manual. (Chapter – “Entering Standby Mode (ESR1 / Pin or WUT Wake-up configuration).
The problem is that most of these steps aren't as specific as they should and there are a lot of uncertainties.

Has anyone already managed to take the system to standby mode?

Here are some doubts I have about:
- There is one step that mentions the PMSWCR0.SCRCLKSEL register’s field and following the reference manual, there isn’t any field named SCRCLKSEL in PMSWCR0 register.
- “CPU frequency reduction in steps compliant to load jump constraints.” -> what “load jump constraints” means? Where could I follow those "constraints"?
- “CPU code execution is switched from Flash to PSPR RAM”. -> I’ve been reading the manual in order to find how to switch code execution from Flash to PSPR RAM and I could not find anything related with it.
- "Select the Standby RAM block via PMSWCR0.STBYRAMSEL bits” -> I haven’t found this field on the reference manual.
- “Configure pad state via PMSWCR0.TRISTREQ bit” -> -> I haven’t found this field on the reference manual.

Hope someone has same scenario as I have.
Thanks in advance,

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Can you send me the user manual and reference manual to my e-mail then I will have a look ?

Kind Regards.