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Level 4
I've got problem with ESR interruption in standby/run mode.

I'm recently configuring standby mode on aurix Tc222.
Data sheet says that ESR1 pin can generate interruption to wake-up microcontroller and can as well work as general input output.
I want to use this as wake-up trigger as well as general I/O that generates interruptions in run mode.

datasheet says also that ESR pins are handled by ERU module (Chapter .
The problem is that, ERU module, neither Scu module, hasn't got any references, except few bit fields in register headers files(iLLD), to this pin .
I can only configure Scu module that concern few ESR registers in wake-up/standby mode.
Datasheet says very few about software configuration in standby and nothing about using it in run mode.

Where can I find information, how to configure it ?
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Hi Lukas_G. There's a demo for the ERU in the latest iLLD - see ScuEruDemo, \0_Src\AppSw\Tricore\Demo_Illd\ScuEruDemo.c.

To use ESR1 as a wakeup, try setting ESR1 as a wakeup (PMSWCR0.ESR1WKEN=1), and then switch to Standby Mode (PMCSR0.REQSLP=1).