AP32272 - AURIX Generic Bootstrap Loader Issue

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Did anyone manage to use the Windows tool for flashing the Aurix microcontroller?
I managed to get the supplied example hex file flashed.
Also I managed to flash a basic project with just a Tasking provided cstart.c, main() and STM0 driver.

But, the moment I introduce an ISR (STM0_ISR0 for ticks), the tool fails to flash. The tool aborts the flashing somewhere in the middle of programming the PF0.
If I remove the interrupt routine, the tool is happy to complete the programming and indeed, the SW runs fine.
The address at which the flashing fails does not make any sense to me as memory map looks alright.

Did anybody manage to get this tool working for HEX files other than one supplied with this application note?

PS: My project environment: TC234, TASKING VX Toolset Ver 4.3r3 on Windows 7
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Hi Vivith,

Vivith wrote:
Did anybody manage to get this tool working for HEX files other than one supplied with this application note?

I don't have an immediate answer but for my understanding, and perhaps also for anyone else reading this, can you elaborate a little further? For example:

  • You say the tool aborts. Presumably by this you mean InfineonBoot.exe. When this happens, does it report a specific error message of some kind?
  • How did you inspect the address where it fails? Does the tool report the address or do you post-connect with a debugger?
  • In case you post-connect with a debugger, is there proper disassembly at its location or gibberish?
  • Also in case of post-connect with a debugger, can you deduce anything from the register window?
  • Is the behaviour consistent i.e. do you always end up at the same unknown address?
  • Speaking of the address, what is it's location?
  • If I'm right the tool supports both IHEX and ELF. What happens if you choose ELF instead?
  • The application note discusses several alternate bootmodes. Which one applies to your case? Is it chapter 2, 3 or 4?
  • Can you export your built project including mapfile and attach it to this thread for inspection? For clarity, I recommend attaching rather than inlining it into your reply.

Best regards,

Henk-Piet Glas
Principal Technical Specialist