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Hi all.

I intend to read ADC without using interrupt. ADC configured as one-shot, SW triggered.

However, the conversion status comes always busy.

Clock and other configurations look ok.

As I debugged, the Adc_GetGroupStatus API is checking for conversion status through a flag which is set only by "Adc_lSetResBuffEndStatusAtomic". This function, in turn, is called only within the interrupt services. Therefore, I am never getting a completion status.

However, the ADC group result registers (GLOBRESD) are showing the updated values correctly, incl the completion flag (VR). Reading the result register directly using HW address works fine but I want to go by the proper way.

Can anyone help on this?

To summarize, I intent to read the ADC without interrupt service, just by polling. How do I get rid of the perpetual Busy status?

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As this is part of MC-ISAR which is licensed, we request you to please contact your local Infineon, distributor or software reseller contact.