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I am working on "Infineon AURIX TriBoard TC39x Starter Kit". The included printed documentation contains the micrococontroller name as TC39x. The cardboard box says it's a "KIT_AURIX_TC277_S_TRB DC-STEP with CAN FD". The printing on the TriCore chip itself says "TC277TF-64".

I also have the TASKING_TriCore- tools installed (Eclipse IDE, compiler, linker, etc).

Questions I have not been able to find answers to:

1. I have App_sw & base_sw files to read an adc provided by infineon . But i am unable to build them. The following errors occur

2. When using the Infineon iLLD Package (AURIX iLLD Package v1. and demos (AURIX iLLD Demos v1., is the TASKING "Software Platform for AURIX" to be used (http://tasking.com/support/tricore/t...ide_v6.0.pdf)?

3. When using the Infineon Software Framework (command-line, i.e. via StartFwDos.bat) with the iLLD Package and demos, what are the required include directories and order? This is the big one. I can't seem to get any of the demos to build for errors such as these which seem to be the result of some typedefs (e.g uint8) not being defined:
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Hi Mrinalini,

Iyer.Mrinalini wrote:
I am working The following errors occur what are the required include directories and order? This is

You may want to check out this application note. Using a step-by-step approach it shows how to migrate demo's that were developed using the Infineon Software Framework. While it was developed with an eye for the HighTec tools I imagine the steps will be fairly identical if you were to try it for TASKING.

Best regards,

Henk-Piet Glas
Principal Technical Specialist