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Hi all,

Triboard is not recognized to connect via memtool on windows 10 system?

Best regards,

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Hello Tita,

did you install the DAS drivers? They are available at:


If they are installed you can use the DAS device scanner to determine if the UDAS server is running. You can also start this server manually using the DAS Device Scanner menu. This tools are included in the DAS64 program group for the 64 bit version of the DAS drivers (for 64 bit Windows) or the DAS program group for the 32 bit version (for 32 bit Windows).

When the UDAS driver is running and it does not detect the TriBoard connected you can consider to use an alternate USB cable or an alternate USB port on your PC. Or even try an alternate PC to determine if the problem you face is a PC local one.

Best regards,
Ulrich Kloidt

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