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cross mob
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After commenting the line, the warning in the scr_a2g.h file still appear, when compiling. Please advise how to remove this warning. AURIX-Studio v1.9.0.

#define LABEL_scr_xram__00105 (411) /*(0x19b) */
//#define LABEL_scr_xram__00101 (423) /*(0x1a7) */

Building file: ../scr_a2g.c
ctc W504: ["..\scr_a2g.h" 26/9] macro "LABEL_scr_xram__00101" redefined
Invoking: TASKING C/C++ Compiler
ctc I801: ["..\scr_a2g.h" 23/9] previous definition of macro "LABEL_scr_xram__00101"
0 errors, 1 warnings

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You might want to verify if you modified the right scr_a2g.h header file. Maybe multiple files do exist and the one you modified is not the one included by scr_a2g.h. An easy method to verify this is to introduce a syntax error in the header file. You can change e.g.

#define LABEL_scr_xram__00105 (411) /*(0x19b) */


#defne LABEL_scr_xram__00105 (411) /*(0x19b) */

Then this should provoke the error message:

ctc E274: undefined preprocessing directive "#defne"

and this will proof that the file you modified is used in the compile stage.

If you did modify the right header file: what is the content of the two lines referred to in the error output? The number 26/9 included in your post above indicates that the macro is redefined in line 26 whereas the original macro is defined in line 23 -> 23/9

Best regards,

Ulrich Kloidt
TASKING tools support