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What are the differences between BIFACES, the Free TriCore Entry Tool Chain from HighTec and the AURIX Development Studio?

What are their characteristics and how to choose one or the other?

Many thanks,

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Hi Cerilet,

BIFACES is aimed for professional development. It offers a light integration with Eclipse, but its real strength is the capability to support a lot of commercial toolchains and let you choose which one to use. It requires a certain knowledge to be used with proficiency, and its configuration is mostly based on manual editing of configuration files.
The TriCore free entry toolchain, created by HighTEC, is another Eclipse based solution which offers a more comfortable user experience thanks to the deeper integration of the provided GCC compiler with the Eclipse environment. The configuration of the toolchain can be done using the graphical user interface. In addition, it requires the user to register and get a (free) license.
The AURIX Development Studio is an IDE developed by Infineon aimed to ease as much as possible the first approach to the AURIX development. It is mostly open source, it can be used for free without any restriction, except it can't be used for commercial projects.
It comes with a set of integrated features that help the developer setting up an AURIX project, and provides lot of code examples and documentation of excellent quality. It comes with embedded TASKING compiler and debugger, and is a great choice for beginners, learning and prototyping.