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Hello Sir,
We are checking QAC in free tool Aurix development studio(ADS) with inbuilt tasking complier. QAC is generating an error. I have attached error we are facing in QAC. Our questions are as follow:
1) Do we required license version of Aurix development studio to perform QAC?
2) If we used free Aurix development than we are getting this error So do we need to purchase tasking complier license version to perform QAC in free Aurix Develop
Looking for your suggestion.

Thanks and regards,
Krunal Desai
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The Compiler tool chain included in the AURIX Development Studio can be executed only from within the Eclipse environment of the ADS. If you need to invoke the executables in a command prompt you cannot use the ADS. You can consider to use the commercial TASKING TriCore tools instead.

Best regards,
Ulrich Kloidt

TASKING tools support