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Dear member,

I want to clarify how ADS create a Makefile automatically.
I know we can use original Makefile.

However, I want to know how ADS collect build configuration and create Makefile from the information automatically.

It maybe based on CDT environment, but I can't make clear for now.

Any information and help would be highly appreciate.

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Good morning,

AURIX Development Studio automatically generates all makefile based on different project settings, which are saved in the project configuration files in proprietary Eclipse format.
As you correctly say, the project is a CDT project, and ADS specifically makes use of the CDT Managed Build subsystem to generate and handle makefiles.
This also means that customizing the makefiles is highly limited to what the managed build allows. It is for example not possible to manually edit the makefiles, because they are re-generated at every build.

In "C/C++ Build"->"Settings" is possible to customize the toolchain options which will be then used to generate the makefiles.

There are other ways which enable further customization of the makefiles, but a full control is not possible.
If you explain me a use case I could try to further help you.

Kind regards
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