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I have a aurix application kit for TC224 TFT board. I use Aurix Development Studio and actually I'm not sure this is the right tool for development but other tools have too much issue about installing. I correctly builded project but when it comes to debug it gives an error.

Error creating session
The debug instrument IO could not be initialized.
The GDI debug instrument provided the following error message.
Could not open Access HW

I'm connecting to PC via Usb mini cable. In DAS server I also cannot see device. What i do wrong? How can i solve that problem? How can see device on DAS server?
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The debugger included in the AURIX Development Studio uses the Infineon DAS drivers. In case the connected target hardware cannot be detected by the debugger the

Could not open Access HW

error message is generated.

In case one faces this error message the next step is to use the DAS device scanner of the DAS drivers to determine if the device scanner can detect the hardware connected. From what I understood it that you verified this already and the device scanner cannot detect the hardware either.

Did you check whether the UDAS driver is running? Otherwise you can start it using the 'Start DAS server' button in the DAS Device scanner.

If the UDAS driver is running you can try to use a different USB port on your PC. Or a different USB connection cable to connect to the target board.

Last but not least you can also consider to install the DAS drivers (www.infineon.com/das) on a different PC and verify if the connection to the target board works on a different PC.

Best regards,
Ulrich Kloidt

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