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Hi all 

I use Laired (EWB- Sterling (base on CYW 4343W - The MCU inside - ST32F412))

I try to active power save mode - It success, but I get sometimes a fault inside function  reset_rtc_values().

Inside this function call to RTC_EnterInitMode() but return failed status so wiced_assert( "Rtc can not enter intialisation mode", status==SUCCESS );

What the reason that cause to this issue occur ?




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May I know how are you activating the power save mode?



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Our procedures of enter to and exit from sleep mode looks more or less like that:

// turn on powersave mode (enter to sleep mode)
wiced_wlan_connectivity_deinit(); // WIFI module deinitialization
wiced_gpio_init( WIFI_EN, INPUT_HIGH_IMPEDANCE ); // WIFI module power off (LDO disable)
wiced_platform_mcu_enable_powersave(); // enable MCU sleep mode
// here we have very nice power consumption, about 500uA
// device sleep
// device wakeup
// turn off powersave mode (exit from sleep mode)
wiced_platform_mcu_disable_powersave(); // disable MCU sleep mode
wiced_gpio_init( WIFI_EN, OUTPUT_PUSH_PULL ); // WIFI module power on (LDO enable)
wiced_gpio_output_high ( WIFI_EN );
wiced_wlan_connectivity_init( ); // WIFI module initialization
// enable BLE advertisement after exit from sleep mode
wiced_bt_start_advertisements( BTM_BLE_ADVERT_UNDIRECTED_HIGH, 0, NULL );

Deinitialization WLAN connectivity only (without turning off WiFi power cause high power consumption, above 10mA).

Turning OFF WiFi RF power (by external LDO) decrease power consumption below 500uA which is expected.

Reintialization everything in a clear way, together with turning ON WiFi RF works well until start BLE advertisement.

Starting BLE advertisement causes continuous periodic (every 8.5s) receiving BLE_ENABLE_EVT events from bluetooth stack.

And advertisement doesn't work, we are not able to see any advertisement packets.

We definitely would like to turning off/on WiFi power by external LDO, because it gives us additional 1mA of power savings in compare to powersave only without WiFi deinitialization.

What could be a reason for this behaviour?

Are our enter/exit sleep mode procedures correct?