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We are encountering random failures with products using the CYW43907 and WICED where the Reception of frames seems to be unhandled resulting in connectivity issues. From Wireless captures, everything is operating fine until application layer TCP packets stop being received and even 802.11 management and action frames appear to be missed. I have captured missed 802.11 action packets (bulk ack) being retried by the AP and  even 802.11 deauth frames being resent by the AP. Since this is happening with 802.11 management and action frames, i am thinking this looks more like a WLAN core issue.

Our devices are stationary and had great RSSI prior to the issue, and no change in the environment so it isn't RF, like the station roamed out of coverage. 

The network consist of Aruba AP's running an open network and DCHP. 

Prior to the problem, per the wireless captures, there was no AP roaming, hand-offs, or DHCP renewals occurring. 


Has anyone encountered this? These devices are running WICED 6.2.1.

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