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I have a datalogger product that uses CYBLE416045-02. I have application developed in Windows and Android that can communicate with no issue on this datalogger.

However, we are now developing an iOS app but encountered the following issue.

There are 2 custom characteristics on this BLE device. One is a characteristic that one can write without response.

The other is a read characteristic that periodically sends out sensor data.

With the iOS app, when one set to notify to read in the data from the datalogger, the connection will terminate after 30 secs.

In addition, after notify is set, sending a write command to the datalogger, the data is somehow not received by the logger device.

Please advice the possible issue that one has with the code.

If possible please provide any ios native c code that can illustrate notify and writevalue.


Thank you.   


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Hello @TW_Chia 

Can you please share the complete code and steps to reproduce the issue at our side? 

on iOS app code, we have Cysmart mobile app for iOS. : https://www.infineon.com/cms/en/design-support/tools/utilities/wireless-connectivity/cysmart-mobile-... 

Source code of Cysmart mobile app is open , we can share that if you want to have a look.




Good day Anjana,

Thank you for replying. 

I have listed the steps to reproduce in the issue in the pdf file. The project files for the iOS Xcode and the PSOC project of the BLE device are both attached. Hopefully, this will give you a better insight and you can offer a solution to the problems we encountered.


Thank you. 



This is a sample of the log obtained on xcode.


Best regards,