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3D Hall (Magnetic sensor)

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I want to get the three coordinates values of the magnetic field measured by the sensor of my phone. For this, I get a handle to the SensorManager by using sm=(SensorManager)getApplicationContext().getSystemService(Context.SENSOR_SERVICE), then get the sensor with cm=sm.getDefaultSensor(SensorManager.SENSOR_MAGNETIC_FIELD). I then register a SensorEventListener to the SensorManager with sm.registerListener(new SensorListener(),cm,SensorManager.SENSOR_DELAY_UI).

The classSensorListener is a class of my own implementing the SensorEventListener interface. In it's OnSensorChanged method, I get the values from the sensor and I display them. The problem is that I only get the values 1,0 and 0. And they are rarely updated (I have put a counter on the onSensorChanged calls to see how often the update takes place). Changing the time to SENSOR_DELAY_NORMAL doesnot improve anything.

To check if the problem was related to the magnetic sensor, I have added, in the same way, a listener to an accelerometer sensor. The result is very confusing : now, the magnetic sensor generates updates, but not the accelerometer one. And if I remove the accelerometer sensor event listener, I still receive the magnetic sensor events which where missing before adding the accelerometer sensor event listener.(???????????)

Any idea about what is wrong in my code?

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Hi @VictorJohnsonan ,

The forum is for supporting infineon products only. In case you have any queries on one of our products, we'll be happy to support you. 

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