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I have implemented the TLE493D-W2B6 Shield 2 GO and its board on the main board and am currently debugging. However, I am not seeing any waveform on the SCL. I am using a logic analyzer to check the waveforms, and I can confirm the waveform for SDA. The SCL waveform occasionally goes briefly high, but quickly goes low, and then I am unable to confirm it thereafter. I have used an oscilloscope, and I can confirm that it is not a contact issue. Could you please provide insights into the possible causes of this phenomenon and suggest solutions?
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Hello @Mac_Kurosawa ,

Are you getting noise or proper data on SDA? 
Is the communication established with the S2GO kit and are you receiving data from sensor?
Please check in other oscilloscope, if you haven't tried it already?
Please share the schematic of the connections and the snapshot of waveforms you are reading on oscilloscope/logic analyzer.

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