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AURIX - TC3xx DMAのchannel選択

AURIX - TC3xx DMAのchannel選択

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DMAのchannel設定はDMAモジュールではなく、IR(Interrupt Router)のSRCレジスタ内SPRNビットフィールドにて設定します。SRC.TOSにてサービスプロバイダーをDMAに設定している場合、SRC.SPRNはDMA channelとして使用されます。

//Infineon-AURIX_TC3xx_Part1-UserManual-v02_00-EN.pdf page1445
{quote} DMA Service Requests
Interrupt Requests are prioritized by the Interrupt Router and processed by one of the Service Providers (CPU or DMA). The DMA interfaces to an Interrupt Control Unit (ICU) instantiated in the Interrupt Router (IR).
DMA channels are associated with the Service Request Priority Number (SRPN) bit field programmed in the Service Request Control (SRC) Register SRC.SRPN. For example:
• DMA channel 000 equates to SRC.SRPN = 0D programmed in IR.
• DMA channel 001 equates to SRC.SRPN = 1D programmed in IR.
• DMA channel 002 equates to SRC.SPRN = 2D programmed in IR.
• DMA channel 003 equates to SRC.SRPN = 3D programmed in IR.
• DMA channel 004 equates to SRC.SPRN = 4D programmed in IR.
The routing of a hardware service request to a service provider destination is determined by the IR Type Of Service (TOS) control bit field SRC.TOS. The DMA will acknowledge all service requests. If the value programmed in the SRC.SRPN is for an invalid DMA channel then the DMA will take no action. The user must programme valid SRC.SRPN values for the DMA.

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