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Dears.  Now I use CYT2B95 to implement LIN communication and CAN communication.   For CAN, I assigned P12.0 and P12.1 for CAN TX and CAN RX. And for L... Show More
AIROC™ Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Bluetooth Combos
We have plan to use the BW2455-44P (sdio/dhd-android-1.363.125.19 <driver> ) with Sigma Star SDK(SAV837SDK_V15/Linux(kernel) version : 4.9.227). The c... Show More
USB superspeed peripherals
Hello, I am using GPIO pins to generate some on off sequence on pin. But while generating it sometimes my sequence gets stretched as attached in file.... Show More
LED Driver ICs
Hello, I'm writing code for communicating with a TLD7002 for a development tool, and would like to ask a few questions concerning the calculation of t... Show More
Wi-Fi Combo
Environment and SDK information:WICED version: 6.4Wi-Fi Module: Murata Type1GC Wi-Fi connection(to wireless LAN AP) is lost immediately after 11 hours... Show More
  • Do we have any sample code for filter implementation for M_CAN. And in that code CAN_17_Setfilter like api used or library .
USB superspeed peripherals
Hi team, I added different resolutions to my custom camera board with the help of this  link . I have taken care of probe control settings and descrip... Show More
PSoC™ 5, 3 & 1
I have been trying to write a program that involves Digital Write and USBUART. The program doesn't seem to work for some reason.  This is a sample cod... Show More
Radar sensor
Hello all, I'm developing low-level processing on a BGT60TR13C demo board with the help of the SDK and the Python Wrapper. Here are the steps I actual... Show More
Other Technologies General
Is the calibrated / compenstated pressure output supposed to correct for ambient temperature changing? the scaled raw temp value is featured in the eq... Show More